This page summarizes all the lectures and to them related article links, article summaries, lecture notes and assignment information.

Course Manual

  • Lecture-1 | (PvB) An Introduction to New Media in Business – Convergence
  • Lecture-2 | (PK) IT Law; anarchy on the internet?; liability of ISP's
  • Lecture-3 | (PvB) Network Effects, the Long Tail, and Critical Mass
  • Lecture-4 | (PvB) Wars of Standards
  • Lecture-5 | (PK) P2P file sharing; copyrights
  • Lecture-6 | (PK) Free flow of information, limitations to freedom of expression, privacy and other concerns
  • Lecture-7 | (PvB) Peer-to-peer (P2P) Production Systems
  • Lecture-8 | (PvB)Social Media and Social Networks
  • Lecture-9 | (PvB)Multimedia Learning, Digital Natives and the iBrain
  • Lecture-10 | (PvB)Culture and New Media Adoption

PK - Pieter Kleve
PvB - Peter van Baalen